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Tinker VR Experience

Tinkerer VR is an interactive performance that utilizes real time motion-capture to provide each individual with a unique narrative experience. The story entails a grandchild’s dedication to assisting his ailing grandfather as he strives to complete his ultimate project, despite his Alzheimer’s. This experience is one of purpose, one that endeavors to convey the profound mental deterioration attendant Alzheimer’s disease through the immersive medium of VR.

Lou Ward 

Shimon Alkon-Ed Byrd-Katie Paul 

Narrative Improv Workshopping
Shimon Alkon 

Ed Byrd

Randy Dixon 

Motion Graphics
Colin Moll, Jay Keere 

Original Character Design
Audra Jacobi
Initial Concept Art
Oohna Holtane 

Graphic Design
Stephanie Stromenger

Environmental 3d Design
Ryan Pococok 

Title + 3d Character Modeling
Rory Emmons

Character Development + Rigging
Scottland c. Reed

Wesley Eldridge

Daniel Fairweather Ryan Teel 

Jon Hansen Jon Hill Avril Martinez