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Copy of Tinker VR Experience


Tinkerer VR is an interactive performance that utilizes real time motion-capture to provide each individual with a unique narrative experience, a narrative that centers on two characters and their juxtaposing arcs: a grandchild's maturation and an aging grandfather's decline. This is an experience that endeavors to employ the immersive medium of VR to capture the profound mental deterioration attendant Alzheimer’s disease. 


The participant enters a rich, detailed environment full of objects they can interact with as well as one other character. 


That character is not driven by artificial intelligence, but is actually a live performer in motion and facial capture that reacts moment to moment in real time based on what the participant does and says.

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Several of the contributors have been personally affected by Alzheimer's disease and creative director Lou Ward blah blah + thereby have been able to each add elements of their own individual experiences with their loved ones.

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As the grandchild the participant grows up during the experience and as a result they have progressively more agency in their interactions with the environment, objects and the other character in the world.  

Creative Director 
Lou Ward 

Narrative Director, Performance Director
Shimon Alkon

Writers + Editors
Shimon Alkon, Ed Byrd, Katie Paul

Randy Dixon 

Motion Graphics
Colin Moll, Jay Keere 

Original Character Design
Audra Jacobi

Initial Concept Art
Oohna Holtane

Stephanie Stromenger

Environmental 3d Design
Ryan Pococok 

Title + 3d Character Modeling + 3d Modeling
Rory Emmons

Character Development + Rigging
Scottland C. Reed

Wesley Eldridge

Daniel Fairweather 

Avril Martinez, Aileen Paron,  Jon Hansen