Savannah Parking Ticket Serivice


We were tasked with redesigning the Savannah Payment Parking Experience. The website touch points were out of sync and the language was confusing and made the User feel confusion/frustrated. The experience also treated the user as customer rather than someone who was required to be there so treating them as customer would leave User feeling confusion/frustration. We focused on making the process as simple as possible with the touch points making the User informed but not overwhelmed with unnecessary interactions/information that would lead his ultimate goal of paying the parking/appealing ticket as quickly as possible.



Name:Rick Davis 20

Occupation:SCAD Student

Description: Rick Davis is a Junior at SCAD and is on a budget. He has rent due at the end of the week but he wants to pay one of his two parking tickets which will cost him $25. Rick Davis parked overnight in a sweep zone one night while he was partying. The other ticket is from his roommate parking downtown when he to the library.


Name:Debra Alan 45

Occupation: Teacher, Tourist in Savannah

Description: Debra is a tourist in Savannah, visiting because of St. Patricks festivities. She went out to dinner the day after St. Pats and had too much too drink and took a cab home, leaving her car overnight. The meter ran out before she could get to her car in the morning and she received a $25 ticket. She wants to pay this ticket quickly and easily before she leaves Savannah in this week.


Previous Flowchart:


Basic Flow Chart

Basic Flow Chart

Menus/Word Selection

Menus/Word Selection

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