AR Streaming /Hack

After the Seattle VR Hackathon VI in September Ryan Teel and I have started building a pipline for AR storytelling in ARkit/ARcore and above is example of our Iron Giant project that is it works. Below is montage that one of my teammates created for our hackathon project. 

(I did not put the video together) 

We wanted to build a multiplayer and cross-platform game leveraging as many different device types as we could get functioning. Play as a giant defense kraken/robot in VR, or as an AR assistant on handhelds and Hololens. 

Seattle VR Hackathon VI - Fall 2017-Best Visual Design

Unity Developer-Avery Wagar, Xandon Frogget, Josh Chang, Matthew Cook, Tiago Damasceno and Brint Teel
Anshul Ahluwalia-Unity Developer Hololens
Brint E Kriebel-Git-Fu Master, Unity Developer--AR core
Shimon Alkon-Game/Narrative Design
Lou Ward-Technical Artist/Producer/Orginal concept
Rob Rood-Producer/3dartist
Sean Siem-3D Artist