AR Streaming-Hack

One of my teammates put together this video for our devpost submission. 

At the Seattle VR Hackathon VI (Fall) we wanted to build a multiplayer and cross-platform game leveraging as many different device types as we could get functioning. Play as a giant defense kraken/robot in VR, or as an AR assistant on handhelds and Hololens. We ended up wining the Best Visual Design at the Fall 2017- Seattle VR Hackathon VI. 

After the Seattle VR Hackathon VI in September Ryan Teel and I have started building a pipline for AR storytelling in ARkit/ARcore and above is example of our Iron Giant project that is in the works.

Unity Developer-Avery Wagar, Xandon Frogget, Josh Chang, Matthew Cook, Tiago Damasceno and Brint Teel
Anshul Ahluwalia-Unity Developer Hololens
Brint E Kriebel-Git-Fu Master, Unity Developer--AR core
Shimon Alkon-Game/Narrative Design
Lou Ward-Technical Artist/Producer/Orginal concept
Rob Rood-Producer/3dartist
Sean Siem-3D Artist